If you are interested in breaking into Arizona’s Cannabis Industry, look no further! Cut Above is looking to hire the most passionate, professional, and diversely knowledgeable individuals. The Cannabis Industry is heavily regulated by state and federal governments, therefore any breach of protocol is never tolerated. Cut Above operates under peak standards of discipline, professionalism, and confidentiality. We work with Arizona’s top Cultivation Production Facilities to provide solutions based on their needs and seek professionals that will live up to the Cut Above standard. We work in the most sophisticated environments with a streamlined process for quality production to deliver the best results for our clients. No previous experience necessary, we will train all employees and provide all the necessary tools for success. It’s up to you to bring the champion mentality. If you are defined by excellence, join the Cut Above team.


  • Trimmer – Trim Cannabis Flower in a Commercial Grow
  • Harvester – Break down, De-fan & Hang Cannabis for drying
  • Budtender – Work with the public in local Dispensaries.
  • Grower – Work with plants, grow commercial cannabis (for experienced growers only)


  • Entry level Cannabis jobs
  • Intermediate level Cannabis jobs
  • Temporary Cannabis jobs
  • Part- and full-time permanent positions


Cannabis Employees must receive a “Facility Agent” license from the Arizona Department of Health Services in order to work at a dual-licensed recreational cannabis establishment.

To work in a medical cannabis dispensary a “Dispensary Agent” license is required from the ADHS and can only be submitted by the medical dispensary’s principal officers or board members. All medical cannabis dispensary personnel must obtain a medical marijuana registry identification card.

The application process done online through the Arizona Department of Health Services Facility Licensing Portal electronically asks for the following information:

  • Legal Name, Address, Date of Birth, Phone Number, Gender and Social Security Number
  • Current Passport Photograph taken within 60 days of application, no facial obstructions
  • State of Arizona Identification or United States Passport
  • A pledge to not divert marijuana to any individual who is not legally allowed to possess it
  • Fingerprint submission and FBI background check authorization
  • The Applicant is at least 21 years of age
  • The applicant has no past convictions for violent felonies or controlled substance felonies. (Violent felonies involve the use, threatened use, or substantial risk of using force against the person or property of another.)
  • The applicant has not been in violation of an offence for which the sentence, including any term of probation, incarceration or supervised release, was completed ten (10) or more years earlier.

You need: Your Social Security number, updated resume outlining work history, and a valid photo ID (Arizona State ID or US Passport) If hired, all Employees must engage in registered fingerprinting and must pass the FBI background check. This process can take 60+ days to complete. Work will begin after successful processing.


  • A Total of $595 for a Medical Cannabis “Dispensary Agent” license
  • A Total of $300 for a recreational “Facility Agent” license submitted with physical fingerprint card mailed to the Arizona Department of Health Services
  • A Total of $150 for a recreational “Facility Agent” license submitted online with a Level 1 Fingerprint Clearance Card (FCC)
  • Must be paid for online via credit card
  • Once Approved, each license is valid for 2 years

* Obtaining an Arizona Recreational Cannabis “Facility Agent” License or a Medical Cannabis “Dispensary Agent” License is required to work in the industry, and obtaining a license does not guarantee a position with Cut Above.